Gasket for APV

  • APV A055 Gasket

    A055 gasket is an EPDM gasket sealing for exchanger. It can be applied in many working conditions. The good tightness can reduce many problems for you.
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  • APV A085 Gasket

    The A085 plate heat exchanger gasket is made of HEPDM. It can also be made of other materials according to different working conditions. We can use it to assemble beer wort chiller, beer heat...
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  • APV K55 Gasket

    APV K55 gasket is a heat exchanger rubber gasket for water to water. The medium can be different, oil, sea water and others are also available.
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  • APV H17 Gasket

    APV H17 gasket Heat exchanger gaskets can be made from a variety of industrial materials and are suitable for a wide range of applications.
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  • APV J060 Gasket

    Clip on epdm gasket for APV J060 heat exchanger
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  • APV K34 Gasket

    Clip on epdm gasket for APV K34 heat exchanger
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  • APV SR6GL Gasket

    The temperature range of APV SR6GL gasket is relatively large, so that the stability of heat transfer can be improved.
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  • APV LR9GN Gasket

    APV LR9GN gasket has a very good thermal insulation effect on the flow of medium in the heat exchanger.
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  • APV TR9 Gasket

    The corrugation depth of APV TR9 heat exchanger is better, so that the temperature of the medium in the heat exchanger is stable.
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  • APV T4 Gasket

    APV T4 gasket is a three-dimensional polymer network structure of synthetic rubber, which can resist the penetration of any chemical substance (medium resistance).
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  • APV R55 Gasket

    In the food industry, the APV R55 gasket can be used in heat exchanger equipment in industrial production.
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  • APV M60 Gasket

    APV M60 gasket is suitable for hot water, saturated steam, ethylene glycol, organic acid, inorganic acid, sodium hydroxide, ethanol, hexadeced, ester, oil emulsion, milk and other media flowing in...
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