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Basic classification of Plate heat exchanger
Nov 21, 2018

In general, we mainly according to the structure to distinguish plate heat exchanger, that is, according to the shape to distinguish, can be divided into four categories: ① removable plate heat exchanger (also known as plate heat exchanger with gasket), ② welded plate heat exchanger, ③ spiral plate heat exchanger, ④ plate coil heat exchanger (also known as honeycomb heat exchanger).

Among them, welded plate heat exchanger is divided into: semi-welded plate heat exchanger, fully welded plate heat exchanger, plate and shell heat exchanger, brazing plate heat exchanger.

There are also the following categories that are frequently used:

1> according to the amount of heat transfer area in the unit space, the plate heat exchanger belongs to the compact heat exchanger, mainly compared with the tubular and shell heat exchanger, the traditional tubular heat exchanger occupies a larger place.

2> according to the use of the process, but also have different names: plate heater, plate cooler, plate condenser, plate preheater; According to the process combination,

3> is divided into one-way plate heat exchanger and multi-process plate heat exchanger;

4> According to the flow direction of two kinds of media, is divided into downstream (and flow) plate heat exchanger, countercurrent plate heat exchanger, crossover flow (cross stream) plate heat exchanger, the latter two are more used;

5> According to the gap size of the flow channel, is divided into conventional clearance plate heat exchanger and wide gap plate heat exchanger.

6> according to the Ripple, plate heat exchanger has a more detailed distinction, no longer tired, please refer to: Plate heat exchanger plate corrugated form. 7> according to whether it is a complete set of products, can be divided into single-machine plate heat exchanger, plate heat exchanger unit.

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