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Basic information of heat exchanger plate
Nov 21, 2018

The quality of plate heat exchanger sheet affects the overall performance and working condition of plate heat exchanger.

Each sheet contains two parts: Metal PLATE: It is an important heat transfer element to suppress the metal sheet with corrugated, sealed groove and angular hole.

The ripple can not only enhance the heat transfer, but also increase the thin plate and rigidity, thus improving the pressure capacity of the plate heat exchanger, and because of the turbulent state of the liquid, it can reduce the formation of sediment or dirt, play a certain  "self-cleaning " role. GASKET: Installed in the gasket groove around the plate, the surrounding area between the sealing plate, to prevent the fluid from leaking out, and according to the design requirements, seal a part of the corner hole, so that the cold, hot liquid according to their respective flow channel flow.

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