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Design features of plate heat exchanger
Nov 21, 2018

1, high efficiency and energy saving: its heat transfer coefficient in 3000~4500kcal/m °c h, than the thermal efficiency of the tubular and shell heat exchanger is 3~5 times higher.

2, compact structure: plate heat exchanger plate tightly arranged, compared with other heat exchanger types, plate heat exchanger floor area and occupy less space, the area of the same heat exchange plate heat exchanger is only 1/5 of the tube and shell heat exchanger.

3, easy to clean and disassemble convenient: plate heat exchanger by clamping bolts will clamp plate plate clamping, so easy to disassemble and clean, at any time can open cleaning, at the same time due to smooth plate surface, high degree of turbulence, not easy to scale.

4, Long service life: Plate heat exchanger using stainless steel or titanium alloy plate pressing, can withstand a variety of corrosive media, pad can be replaced at will, and can be convenient in, disassembly and repair.

5, Adaptability: plate heat exchanger plate for independent components, according to the requirements of arbitrary increase or decrease process, various forms; can be applied to a variety of different, process requirements.

6, not a series of liquid, plate heat exchanger sealing groove set up liquid channel, a variety of media will not collude, even if there is leakage, the media is always discharged outward.

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