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How dose the plate heat exchanger work?(1)
Jan 30, 2019

The working mode of plate heat exchanger is continuous or discontinuous.
The corrosive nature of the cooling medium and the detergent used.

The stress of elastic gasket is larger because of excessive pressure and unbalanced pressure.

The common metal corrosion types of plate heat exchanger are as follows:

Uniform corrosion is a macroscopic uniform corrosion that occurs on the entire surface exposed to the medium or over a large area.
Crevice corrosion causes severe crevice corrosion in the metal surface and the covered parts.
Contact corrosion when two metals or alloys of different potential come into contact with each other and are immersed in electrolyte solute solution, an electric current passes between them. The positive metal corrosion rate decreases, while the negative metal corrosion rate increases.

With the increase of feed water temperature and the decrease of oxygen content in water, the corrosion of boiler, heat engine and piping can be avoided.
Increase the temperature of feed water, reduce the temperature difference of boiler gas drum, reduce the expansion and contraction of steel plate, maintain the balance of pressure, and extend t
he service life of boiler.


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