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How to choose plate for plate type heat exchanger??
Jan 22, 2019

We are the professional plate heat exchanger manufcturer.Let me tell you how to choose a suitable plate for your plate heat exchanger.

In  selection of the plate heat exchanger .Generally we need to know the following parameters, heat exchanger medium temperature, flow, or know the heat exchanged. Of course, the more detailed the parameters, the choice of heat exchanger is more suitable for the specific situation.

After confirming the heat exchanger area, it is necessary to select the plate.At present most heat exchanger manufacturers are adopted V-shape corrugated plate.A small number of flat corrugated plate.In general, V-shape corrugated plate can withstand higher pressures.The heat transfer coefficient of V-shape corrugated plate is higher than that of horizontal corrugated plate. Therefore, when the heat exchanger pressure is higher, or need higher heat transfer coefficient, need to use V-shape corrugated plate. When the heat exchanger heat transfer coefficient and pressure resistance requirements are low, the need for a lower system resistance, should choose flat corrugated plate.

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