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How to choose plate heat exchanger
Nov 21, 2018

1.Plate Heat Exchanger selection control parameters for heat exchanger material, working pressure, design temperature and so on.

2.selection of heat exchanger, should try to make the heat transfer coefficient of the side to obtain a large flow rate, and as far as possible on both sides of the two fluid heat exchange coefficient is equal or similar, improve the thermal conductivity.

The temperature of the fluid heated by the heat exchanger should be 10 ℃ lower than the saturation temperature under the outlet pressure of the heat exchanger, and should be less than the operating temperature of the pump used for water two times.

3.fluids containing sediment dirt should be filtered and entered into the heat exchanger.

4.When the plate heat exchanger is selected, the flow rate of the fluid at the smaller side of the temperature difference should not be too large, which should meet the requirements of pressure drop.

5.for the flow of large allowable pressure drop small situation should be selected with small resistance plate type, on the contrary, the selection of high resistance plate type.

6.can be disassembled or welded according to fluid pressure and temperature conditions.

7.should not choose a single board area is too small plate, so as to avoid excessive number of plates, the flow rate between the plates is small, reduce the heat transfer coefficient. The heat transfer medium of.

8.plate heat exchanger should not be steam.

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