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The advantages of Plate heat exchanger-2
Jan 14, 2019

6.Low fouling coefficient

The scale factor is about 1/10 of that of shell and tube heat exchanger. The reason is the violent turbulence of the fluid between plates, and the impurities are not easy to deposit. Less dead zone of flow path between plates; Stainless steel heat exchange surface is smooth, less attachment; Easy to clean, etc.

7.Achieve a variety of media heat transfer

If more than two kinds of media heat transfer, the plate heat exchanger can be set in the middle of the partition.Depending on the number of heat exchange medium, the structure of the intermediate partition can be set up with one or more.Shell and tube heat exchanger can not realize heat transfer in many media





8. Easy cleaning

After removing the clamping studs of the plate heat exchanger, the plate bundle can be released and the plates can be removed for mechanical cleaning

9. By changing the heat transfer area or combination of multiple processes to adapt to the requirements of new heat transfer conditions

10. Working pressure up to 8MPa

Detachable plate heat exchanger is sealed by gasket. The sealing periphery is long, and the supporting situation of the two seals in the corner hole is poor. The gasket cannot get enough compressive force, so the maximum working pressure is only 2.5mpa.Brazed and fully welded plate heat exchanger changes the sealing form of removable plate heat exchanger, and plate and shell heat exchanger changes the inlet (outlet) form of two kinds of fluids, which increases the working pressure of plate heat exchanger.The working pressure of brazed and fully welded plate heat exchanger is up to 3.5~4MPa and that of plate and shell heat exchanger is up to 8MPa.In the removable heat exchanger, the corrugated tube channel formed by reinforcing the conventional corrugated plate can not only strengthen heat transfer, but also increase the bearing capacity of the plate heat exchanger.

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