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The design of plate heat exchanger should pay attention to.....(1)
Feb 05, 2019

In the process of development, it is necessary to pay attention to the safety of plate heat exchanger: index. The design index of heat exchanger includes the type of working fluid and its flow, inlet and outlet temperature, working pressure and heat exchanger efficiency. Heat exchangers for aerospace applications shall also include allowable pressure drops, dimensions, mass, etc.
2. the overall layout. The overall layout of heat exchanger first to choose the type and structure of heat exchanger, fluid flow form and materials, and then choose the type of heat transfer surface. Consider operating temperature and pressure, etc.

3.Thermal design. The thermal design of heat exchanger includes heat transfer calculation, flow resistance calculation and size determination. Thermal design in addition to the technical performance indicators, also need to have on the surface of the heat transfer characteristics (including heat transfer characteristics and flow resistance characteristics and structural parameters) and thermal physical property parameters of fluid and material, can speak optimization techniques used in the design of the heat exchanger, according to the design goal, for the selected forms of heat exchanger and heat transfer surface, through the different Angle optimization analysis, offer several alternatives.


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