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The design of plate heat exchanger should pay attention to...(2)
Feb 06, 2019

4.Structural design. The mechanism design of heat exchanger includes the following contents:

(1)According to the highest working temperature and maximum working pressure, as well as the calculation results of thermal design and resistance, the material and size of each part are determined to ensure the performance of heat exchange dance in stable operation.

(2) select welding method and sealing material according to working temperature, pressure and fluid properties.
(3) to ensure the uniformity of fluid distribution, the head, header, nozzles and baffles are designed.

(4) in order to meet the thermal and resistance performance of structural design, the main parts must be strength check, in order to avoid in the limit working state due to the strength is not enough, resulting in damage or type selection is too thick and cause waste.

(5) to consider maintenance (including cleaning, repair and maintenance, etc.) and transportation requirements.
For some heat exchangers operating under special conditions, some must also calculate the thermal stress during start-up and shutdown, calculate the structural vibration caused by fluid flow, or check the flow rate in order to reduce corrosion and structure. In conclusion, structural design and thermal design are of equal importance, and heat exchangers should be designed with both in mind and in harmony. 


5. Design scheme selection. After the heat exchanger design and structure design are completed, a structure alternative scheme is provided, and then the designer is evaluated according to the criteria. Make a final choice by considering various specific conditions. Conditions of choice are qualitative, such as mold manufacturing conditions, brazing furnace size, transport restrictions, delivery date, company policy and competitive intensity will all affect the final choice. Evaluation criteria refer to indicators that can be measured quantitatively, such as weight, external dimensions, pumping fluid consumption, initial investment and service life.

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