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What should we do before installing the plate heat exchanger?(1)
Feb 01, 2019

The heat transfer efficiency of plate heat exchanger is high and the heat loss is small. Under the working condition, the heat transfer coefficient can reach 6000Wm / 2K. Under the general working condition, the heat transfer coefficient can be around 3000-4000wk. Product share equipment and heat resistance up to 180 ° C, pressure 2. 0 mpa. It is convenient for inspection and cleaning. The heat exchanger plates are assembled together through the clamping force of the clamping stud. If the clamping stud needs to be released during inspection and cleaning, the plates can be removed for washing. Because plate type heat exchanger works for a long time, heat transfer plate surface will produce varying degrees of dirt or sediment, thus increasing the flow resistance and reducing heat transfer function, these are mainly manifested as the pressure difference between the inlet and outlet pressure gauge increase and cold medium outlet temperature drop,

1.The inspection site shall be reserved around the installation location of the plate heat exchanger.


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