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Application Of Plate Heat Exchanger In Hot Spring Industry(2)
Jan 29, 2019

3. Heat exchange in plate heat exchanger for waste water waste heat recovery. In the meantime, the temperature of hot spring waste hot water and clean cold water is exchanged, cold becomes hot and hot becomes cold, but the water quality does not affect each other, but the temperature is exchanged.


4. After heat energy exchange, the two kinds of water have changed into hot spring waste cold water (normal temperature) and clean warm water (about 30 C). They flow out from the other end of the wastewater energy water heater. Waste cold water from bathing can flow away. Clean warm water enters the heat preservation tank and then continues to heat up in the original heating equipment (boiler, solar energy or heat pump).


5. Finally, we can see that the boiler used to burn cold water at room temperature. After the heat energy recovery of plate heat exchanger for waste water waste heat recovery, the boiler burned warm water at 30 C. Suppose the bath water is 40 C. Now it only needs 10 warming up again, and half of the fuel is saved at once. The energy consumption of plate heat exchanger for waste water waste heat recovery is very small, only one pump needs electricity (pump power consumption: 10 tons of water/1.5 kilowatt-hour electricity)


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