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Composition And Sealing Principle Of Plate Heat Exchanger
Dec 24, 2018

Plate heat exchanger plate is specially used for the plate heat exchanger used to isolate the medium and heat exchange plate is an important part of the plate heat exchanger.Its main materials are stainless steel (SUS304.316), titanium and titanium palladium (Ti, ti-pd), 20Cr,18Ni,6Mo(254SMO), alloy (C276), copper (H68), etc.

Each heat exchanger plate contains two parts:

Metal plate: for pressing corrugated, sealed groove and corner hole of the metal sheet, is an important heat transfer element.Corrugation can not only strengthen heat transfer, but also can increase the sheet and rigid, so as to improve the pressure bearing capacity of plate heat exchanger, and as a result of liquid turbulent state, so can reduce the formation of sediment or dirt, play a certain "self-cleaning" role.

Sealing gasket: installed in the gasket groove along the edge of the plate, sealing the periphery between the plates to prevent fluid leakage, and according to the design requirements, sealing a part of the corner hole, so that the cold and hot liquid flow according to their respective passages.

Sealing principle:

The sealing pad is adhered to the corrugated plate, which is designed as a double sealing structure and has a signal hole.When the medium from the first seal leakage, can be released from the signal hole, it can be found early to solve the problem, will not cause the mixing of the two media.


Gasket according to different media and operating temperature choose different kinds of rubber.

The plate-type heat exchanger is composed of a set of corrugated metal plates, on which there are four angular holes for the passage of two liquids for heat transfer.The plate metal is installed in a frame with a fixed plate and a movable clamping plate on one side and clamped with clamping bolt.A sealing gasket is installed on the plate to seal the fluid passage and guide the fluid to flow alternately into the respective passage to form heat exchange.Fluid flow, physical properties, pressure drop and temperature difference determine the number and size of plates.The corrugated plate not only improves the turbulence degree, but also forms many supporting points, which are enough to withstand the pressure difference between the media.The metal plate and the movable plate compression plate are suspended on the upper guide rod and positioned by the lower guide rod, while the rod end is fixed on the supporting column.

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