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Daily Maintenance And Fault Inspection Of Detachable Plate Heat Exchanger
Nov 21, 2018

How to check the fault of the detachable plate heat exchanger:

Dielectric leakage between metal sheet and fixed plate operation: Mark where the leak occurs, then turn on the heat change.

1, check the last piece of metal plate gasket and junction, to see if there is dislocation, chores, cracks, or other damage.

2, check the activity cover on whether the force is uneven, or the board has debris attached, so that it is possible to break the gasket and adjacent surface connection.

3, check whether the metal plate itself appears cracks or holes.

How to maintain the detachable plate heat exchanger:


I. Oil residues/bitumen and fats 1. Hydrocarbon precipitation without the use of alkane or naphtha solution (such as kerosine) and soft brush scrubbing off. Gaskets made of natural rubber, butyl rubber and EPDM rubber will swell in contact with the above solution.

The contact time should be limited to 0.5 hours.

2. For cloth drying or rinsing with water

Ii. Large dirt/microorganisms-viscosity/scale/sediment

1. Gently brush with running water to avoid damaging the gasket.

2. High pressure hose cleaning. 3. Chemical cleaning with the following cleaning agents: nitric acid, amino sulfonic acid, citric acid, phosphoric acid, compound agent (Edta,nta), sodium tripolyphosphate.

Maximum concentration 4%; maximum temperature 60 ℃.

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