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Difference In Performance Of Different Types Of Plate Heat Exchangers
Nov 21, 2018

1.BR Detachable plate heat exchanger-high heat transfer efficiency, small resistance, a multi-use machine, safe and reliable use.

2.HBR fully welded plate heat exchanger-high heat exchange efficiency, its seal does not use elastic non-metallic materials, so it can be applied to the medium temperature of ≤400℃, pressure ≤3.0mpa work occasions, safe use cycle is long, low maintenance costs, easy to clean. 

3.HBRM-This series is through the scientific module combination theory, the HBR, HBRG, the two series of products to combine, with high temperature resistance, high pressure resistance, heat efficiency, long life, corrosion resistance and so on.

4.HBRG Improved plate heat exchanger-as HBR expansion type, novel structure, beautiful, its function in addition to the same as the HBR type, but also increased the import head flange, can be disassembly and washing, its heat transfer effect, service life than the tubular heat exchanger 3 times times higher.

5.HBRK plate and shell plate heat exchanger-high pressure resistance, large flow rate, small resistance, beautiful appearance, compact size, safe and reliable and plate can be chemical cleaning, mechanical cleaning and other characteristics.

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