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How To Clean The Plate Of Plate Heat Exchanger?
Nov 21, 2018

Keeping the plate clean is one of the important conditions to maintain the high heat transfer coefficient of plate heat exchanger. In the plate, the medium is moving along the narrow winding runner, even if the production of a less thick scale layer, will also cause changes in the flow channel, significantly affect the movement of the fluid, so that the pressure drop increases, the heat transfer coefficient decreases, for example, a sugar factory in the heating using plate heat exchanger, because two times the water is not well treated,

The runner is blocked for only two months during use and cannot continue to operate. First, chemical cleaning method: This method is to circulate a chemical solution through the heat exchanger, so that the surface of the plate dirt dissolved, discharged. This method does not need to disassemble the heat exchanger, simplifies the cleaning process, but also reduces the degree of labor of cleaning.

Because the ripple of the plate can promote the severe turbulence of the cleaning liquid, which is beneficial to the dissolution of the scale layer, the chemical cleaning method is a relatively ideal method. Second, the comprehensive cleaning method: for the dirt layer is relatively hard and thicker situation, the simple use of one of the above methods are difficult to clean.

The comprehensive method is to soften the scale layer with chemical cleaning method, and then use mechanical (physical) cleaning method to remove the scale layer, in order to keep the sheet clean and clean. Third, mechanical (physical) Cleaning method: This method is the plate after the use of a brush for manual washing, so as to clear the surface of the plate dirt purposes. Although this method is relatively direct, but the harder, thicker scale layer, not easy to clean.

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