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Precautions For Cleaning Plate Heat Exchangers
Nov 21, 2018

1. When chemical cleaning, the solution should maintain a certain flow rate, generally 0.8~1.2m/s.

Its purpose is to increase the degree of turbulence of the solution.

2. Different chemical cleaning fluids should be used for different dirt. In addition to the often used diluted soda solution, 5% nitrate solution can be used for scale. The scale generated in soda production can be used in 5% hydrochloric acid solution.

However, chemical lotions that corrode the plate shall not be used.

3. Mechanical (physical) cleaning is not allowed to use carbon steel brush scrubbing stainless steel sheet, so as not to accelerate the corrosion of the plate.

At the same time can not make the sheet surface scratches, deformation and so on. 

4. After cleaning the plate to rinse clean and dry with water, when placed should prevent the plate deformation.

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