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Why Do Small And Medium-sized Blast Furnaces Use Plate Heat Exchangers?
Nov 21, 2018

Plate Heat exchanger is a new and high efficiency heat exchanger with corrugated plate as heat transfer surface, which has the following characteristics:

1. High heat transfer coefficient.

Because the corrugated plates are inverted from each other, the mesh contacts are formed in the runner, the flow channel crosses, the fluid direction is changeable, and the turbulence can be achieved when the critical Reynolds number is about 200, so that the membrane conduction coefficient is greatly improved and the heat transfer is enhanced.

2. Flexible assembly, easy disassembly and cleaning.

3. Small size, small footprint, light weight, especially suitable for space-limited occasions.

Plate Heat exchanger compact structure, small size, covers an area of Han for the tube heat exchanger L/5~1/10. Type of plate heat exchanger: Because the cooling soft water system of small and medium-sized blast furnace body is characterized by large flow rate and small temperature difference, it is decided that the structure of plate heat exchanger is chunky type, that is, the width and height ratio is large. Such a structure, not only to ensure that a good heat transfer effect, but also to minimize the pressure loss.

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