Gasket for GEA

  • GEA NT50M Gasket

    The GEA NT50M gasket is an important part of the GEA NT50M plate heat exchanger. Its quality affects the overall function and working condition of the plate heat exchanger.
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  • GEA NT50T Gasket

    By adjusting the formulation, GEA NT50T gasket can not only meet the use of sufficient strength, but also have enough plasticity, so that it can closely adhere to the metal surface under...
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  • GEA NT50X Gasket

    GEA NT50X gasket is a key component of plate heat exchanger. The application range of plate heat exchanger is limited by sealing gasket to a great extent. The requirement of sealing gasket in...
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  • GEA NT100M Gasket

    It’s the GEA NT100M Gasket for the plate heat exchanger.
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  • GEA NT100T Gasket

    We are the manufacturer for the plate heat exchanger gasket. This one is the GEA NT100T Gasket.
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  • GEA NT150L Gasket

    The NT150L gasket is replace for the GEA gasket. It can be used in the GEA NT150L plate heat exchanger.
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  • GEA NT150S Gasket

    This is the GEA NT150S Gasket
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  • GEA VT04 Gasket

    The material of the gasket depends on the Fluid-chemical attack or not.
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  • GEA VT20 Gasket

    The gasket is replace for the GEA VT20.
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  • GEA VT40 Gasket

    This is the GEA VT40 GASKET. It is the replacement.
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  • GEA VT402 Gasket

    The properties of the gasket materials will be changed .Because of the Hardening by attack of oxidising agents(e.g., oxygen in air)
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  • GEA VT405 Gasket

    For food applications there are demands according to national standards. The usual one for PHE gaskets is FDA (USA). The additives are allowed to be used in the rubber with the standard regulates.
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We're professional gasket for GEA manufacturers and suppliers in China, providing durable replacements for standard products. Please feel free to buy customized gasket for GEA made in China from our factory. All our products are with high quality and nice price.
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